About RAIS

General Overview and Motivation

Worldwide road accident reporting and analysis is a major part of improving road traffic systems to reduce high road traffic rates of accidents.

RAIS is a modern and efficient Tanzanian approach initiated by the MoW to improve road safety in Tanzania by applying modern ICT combined with a strong involvement of the police and training management.

This project: RAIS ROAD ACCIDENT INFORMARION SYSTEM provides beside the accident database the basis for decisions on road safety interventions. It is in process now after training police, and once the Tanzanian Road Safety Agency (TAROSA) is established it will take over responsibility for managing RAIS.

There is an urgent need to establish a computerized road accident information system for capturing, processing, analysing and reporting crash information to be better equipped in the planning and implementation of the road safety measures required by the MoW and the Traffic Police. The information system shall provide the basis for decisions on road safety interventions.


The overall objective is to design, implement and maintain a sustainable road crash and Geographic Information System (GIS) that will meet the needs of stakeholders for easy access to data on the "where, when, what happened and why" of serious road crashes.

Besides encouraging the use of accident data in planning and decision making, the development of the new system is also aimed at providing a centralized accident database system for nationwide recording and reporting as statistics management.

Tools for the system have been developed to give the easiest displaying mode for the most frequent information usually to be used by road safety researchers and practitioners to achieve effective road safety research and intervention planning. The system is open and adaptive and easy to integrate or to interface with important road infrastructure and transport software.

Structure of RAIS

RAIS Training

Main objective of Training of Trainers is to support and equip police officers with enough skills and knowledge how to use and manage Road Accident Information System (RAIS) for accident data reporting and conduct train to their fellow police officers in a second step.

The training sessions started in Dar-es-Salaam since Mai 2014. The first phase was based on the paper version of the Accident Form Sheet paper version. The second phase aimed to make the police officers familiar with the electronic AFS. The next phase consisted on roll out Tanzania. The training started in Arusha, followed by Dodoma, Mwanza and Tanga, then Mbeya and Ruvuma and finally Kagera and Mtwara.

At the end of the project, almost all the regions of Tanzania were covered and 165 police officers were trained.The following map demonstrates the regions that were covered by the training including the zones of Training Centers as well as the participants from the other regions.